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by M. Jean Pike

Inspirational / Christian Romance

Thank You, God. For rivers in the desert. For this man, and this moment, and for new beginnings, she prayed.

Recently widowed, Frankie Bonetti bought an unloved fixer-upper house that spoke to her heart, asking for a second chance. And Frankie’s heart said yes.

Now her heart is saying yes to a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Tracy Johanson also knows the pain of loss on several levels. A genius with woodwork, he’s good at nearly everything except forgiving himself. With Tracy’s head at war with his heart, God is about to step in, and through Frankie, guide him onto a new path, a new future, and a blessed reconciliation with his estranged son in the most destined of ways ...

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by Margaret P. Cunnningham

Literary Fiction

Deep in the Alabama woods sits Primm House, straight out of fairy tales and the heart of a child. Now an adult, Franny Primm looks back, unweaving the threads of a certain summer in this southern coming-of-age tale.

From the boy known as Zorro who roams the area on horseback, to the orphans in the woods and the Catholic hierarchy down the road, Franny recalls a series of characters and events that come together in a mystery—and the haunting answers to it.

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by Victoria Ashe

Contemporary Romance

Each at a turning point, a choice.

Anna Anderson was standing next to one of the most insecure men she’d ever met—a man who truly didn’t think he was worthy of someone decent. Not a friend. Not a girlfriend. No one. And just as surely as he oh-too-respectfully placed the palm of his hand against the small of her back for that stupid photo, he’d tossed her into the “good” category. Thing was, he was right.

Rock god John Leaven was usually the one up on a pedestal, but not this time. He didn’t know why—he didn’t have a clue really, but in the deepest recesses of his once-black heart a calling for this woman had begun the moment he looked at her face. He simply knew. All the way in his soul. All the way through his blood and across every inch of skin. He was supposed to be with her.

But sometimes life gets in the way.

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Time Travel Romance - Adventure


Royce McNeill’s training has prepared him for much. He knows no power exists in the universe greater than love. But not even the cryptic warning from Master Chan is enough to steady him when the winds of karma come
calling. A plane crash, a journey, a quest to see if his heart
is strong enough to bring him back to Alex…

On the other side of the world, Alexandra McNeill is about to go on a journey of her own. Her soul has always danced to the same energy song as Royce, and now it’s up to her to use that connection to find him. Across time and distance, from Ireland to California and temples to castles, the mission begins to save themselves—in order to save all.

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