the blue lute

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Author: Eryn LaPlant
ISBN: 978-1-934912-57-7
Price: $17.95 paperback
Price: $4.95 ebook
Pages: 298 paperback


A doctoral candidate in history, Lilly Charles lives in a modern-day treasure trove of 1920s architecture—Manhattan’s St. Jean Apartments. The former hotel was once in the center of New York City’s jazz scene, and holds secrets Lilly is only beginning to discover.

A musical star in his own time, Brandon Crowley lived in an age of prohibition and gangsters, surrounded by the glamour of old Hollywood and the comfort of true friendships. As co-owner of the notorious speakeasy, The Blue Lute, he poured his life and love into his business—as a storm fueled by passion, liquor, murder and money was unleashed. And in the midst of it all, Brandon simply … disappeared.

When Lilly sees Brandon in a nearly 80-year-old photograph from the basement of the St. Jean, her reality comes undone. Could he be the same man she just saw arrested for breaking into the building? As Lilly is drawn deeper into the mysteries of Brandon’s life, a new storm of desire and danger begins to brew. Beneath the silvery moon and glitter of Times Square, an epic love story across the decades is about to unfold.

Reviews and Other Information:

"I have to admit I have loved time travel romance novels ever since I picked up a Lynn Kurland time travel novel when I was in college. There is just something about them that calls to me. Anyway since then I have read several. Some have been fantastic and others sounded much better than they turned out to be. Recently, I picked up The Blue Lute, a time travel romance novel by author Eryn LaPlant and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

It is the story of Lilly Charles, graduate student in modern day New York City, and Brandon Crowley a musician from the 1920's now living in New York. More comfortable surrounded by dusty books and relics from the past, Lilly is focused on one thing earning her PhD and working at one of the fabulous museums in the city. That is until fate brings her and Brandon together. At first Brandon only wants to return to 1928 and the woman he left behind. As the two work together to not only uncover what happened at The Blue Lute the night Brandon time traveled but also find a way to send him back, a romance blossoms. I am not going to say any more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Over all I have to give this book 5 stars. Both Lilly and Brandon are believe characters who are easy to identify with. The author did a fantastic job with the historical data in the book. I could easily picture myself in a 1920's speakeasy listening to jazz music with a few gangsters stopping in every once in awhile. She also threw in a few unexpected twists and turns that kept me reading well into the night.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys both historical as well as time travel novels. I do not think either group would be disappointed."
- Happily Ever After Reviews