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HOW TO MAKE AN IMPOSSIBLE MARRIAGE POSSIBLE: Solid Guidelines for Bringing any Relationship Back from the Abyss to Bliss

Author: Howard F. Bronson, MSJ
ISBN: 978-1-934912-70-6
Price: $10.95 paperback
Price: $4.95 ebook
Pages: 100 paperback


The basis for successful relationships is simple: You turn to each other and you can heal, turn against each other and you damage. Getting to that “turning to” place is where it gets complicated and very personal. Using a rare mix of the author’s personal and professional experience, this book will show you how.

Howard F. Bronson, MSJ, is the author of several popular self help books including: Good Idea! Now What? (Time/Warner), How To Heal A Broken Heart in 30 Days (Penguin/Random House) as seen on The Today Show, and Dog Gone (Bestsell) among others.

His works have appeared in over 200 newsletters in the health care and legal industries. He wrote this book after years working with troubled marriages.

This book is moving to out-of-print status. Order your copy from Amazon while it's still out and in stock!

Reviews and Other Information:

"HOW TO MAKE AN IMPOSSIBLE MARRIAGE POSSIBLE is an incredible, must-read book. Howard Bronson's openness about his own relationships makes this book honest, insightful, educational and raw."
— Denise Brown, President and co-Founder of the Nicole Brown Foundation.

“I have been a counselor for 44 years and psychologist for 35. For 30 of those years I have observed Howard Bronson in the role of counselor and coach … In a time of extreme stress and "normlessness," this book provides a touchstone, suggesting what is important and constructive, and how to minimize the negativity and destructiveness of marital conflict.”
— Dr. Frank Clouse, EdD, Psychologist

“Howard Bronson is a person with honor who is dedicated toward making a difference. He is direct, concise and articulate.”
—Pam Bird, PhD, Owner , Innovative Product Technologies, Inc

Howard is a prolific, fluent writer. And he's not just a marketing communications writer, either, as he is a published author of marketing and self-help books. He has a great sense of humor, too. You may have heard some of his jokes via Jay Leno. Small wonder he had excellent relationships with his co-workers at Practice Builders. I found Howard to be quite ingenious in developing new strategies and tactics for our readers to use in promoting their practices. He was responsible for publishing multiple monthly newsletters and was always timely in meeting his publication goals.”
Frank Borzilleri, Senior Writer, Practice Builders