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Dana Lyons lives in the mountains of western North Carolina. She loves to work out and live healthy, ever-ready to discover new mysteries in life, explore the limitless boundaries of the mind, and find the true power of the heart. Says Lyons, "Love is not just an emotion in your heart - love is a measurable force that travels the universe like the light of a star. Learn the power of love, and you will create a world you can love." Her romances, HEART OF THE DRUAE and A LOVE REBORN, are available here now!

Dana's new two-book Romantic Adventure series: THE ROSETTA COIN and THE ROAD TO BABYLON are available here. Coming in December of this year, a time travel adventure romance, TIMELESS.

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MULTI-AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING. Below are photos from Dana's debut book signing at Borders Books in The Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC. Dana joined authors Madeline Hunter, Angela Knight, Eliza Gayle, Kendra Castle and Luna Carrol.