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Self-Help Nonfiction

I want to go to Lithuania or HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR AGING PARENTS
by Christina Britton Conroy, M.A., C.M.T., L.C.A.T.

A step-by-step manual for adults who love and care for older adults. One afternoon, music therapist Christina Britton Conroy was taking nursing home residents to activities. She was thrilled when a sweet, disoriented lady joined her group. “Mary, it’s so good to see you. Do you want to go to the Bible study or BINGO?” she asked. Mary replied, “I want to go to Lithuania.”

HOW TO MAKE AN IMPOSSIBLE MARRIAGE POSSIBLE: Solid Guidelines for Bringing any Relationship Back from the Abyss to Bliss
by Howard F. Bronson, MSJ

The basis for successful relationships is simple: You turn to each other and you can heal, turn against each other and you damage. Getting to that “turning to” place is where it gets complicated and very personal. Using a rare mix of the author’s personal and professional experience, this book will show you how. This book is moving to out-of-print status soon. Order your copy while it's still out!

A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving
Societal Meltdown & Mayhem
with your Family

by Ma & Pa American

A brief, easy-to-understand guide designed to walk you through preparedness for everything from short-term natural disasters to long-term economic collapse. This guide uses flagged action items as well as common sense tips to help you decide on a plan for you and your family. You’ll see checklists to follow for getting a bug-out bag stocked on a budget, defense, heat and shelter, medical and dental supplies, personal hygiene, finance and bartering and much more! Chapters on food and water will teach you quickly how to achieve a clean, drinkable water supply and which food items taste best, carry lightest and store longest. Filled with special ideas for parents with children, this guide is your starting place for common sense readiness.

THE FINE ART OF BEING VERTICAL: Surviving the Loss of a Child
by Elizabeth Campbell Huntsman

Grieving the loss of a child is a deeply private, personal and sometimes brutally lonely process. Elizabeth Campbell Huntsman developed this workbook following the loss of her son; it is filled with exercises she uses to lead grief support groups. A simple, brief, no-nonsense tool to help grieving parents during their darkest hours.