masters of the night

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Author: Elizabeth Brockie
ISBN: 978-1-934912-49-2
Price: $16.95 paperback
Pages: 240 paperback

He is a Royal. And a vampyre.
She is a mystic. And mortal.
Their combination is forbidden.

Henri De LaCroix is rare among his kind. A vampyre and Royal for centuries, even rarer is the sight of a mortal who can stir his cold heart. But violet-eyed mystic Liora Anjanette Carter has done just that. Now Henri must choose whether to break vampyre law and save her life one fateful night—or let her forever slip away.

If Angie survives, she’ll possess Henri’s memories, his dangerous knowledge, his terrifying power … She’s also surrounded by his enemies, a group of slayers who would just as soon destroy the French vampyre as believe in his alleged atonement. Yet with every seductive, thirsty kiss, she’s drawn more toward the forbidden, more toward a destiny she knows she should fear.