J. E. McComb

J.E. McComb is a lifelong resident of Salem, Oregon, also known as the “Cherry City,” and drives past the city’s murder scenes daily. While working at the Mental Health Division in Salem and buying snacks from the “guilty but insane,” she was reminded what a unique town Salem was and thought it deserved more respect than just being the government town down the road from Portland.

Having heard apocryphal stories about some of Salem’s most notorious crimes, she decided to do some research and separate fact from fiction. McComb worked for the Oregon Legislature for over 20 years, helping staff numerous committees on a variety of topics, including the Judiciary Committee that investigated whether corruption in the Corrections Department was behind the murder of Corrections Director Michael Francke.

A graduate of University of Oregon, in both psychology and community service/public affairs, she first became fascinated by the nexus of psychology and crime while watching Hitchcock’s Marnie one Saturday afternoon when she was twelve years old. She’s been a true crime addict ever since.

Look for her debut true crime book, CHERRY CITY CONFIDENTIAL: 12 Murder Cases that Rocked Oregon's Capital City here now!