The Stone's release

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(Book Two of the Quinguard Immortals Series)
Author: Kerry A. Jones
ISBN: 978-1-934912-08-9
Price: $13.95 paperback
Pages: 176 paperback

Seven centuries fell aside with her summons.

“Where are you?” With the woman’s three elusive, filmy words, Lord Stefan Ashworth is broken free from a centuries-old punishment. Cursed with the rest of an elite medieval army called the Quinguard, the gypsy king and healer has been turned to stone by night—a fate he did nothing to earn. Traveling from an Italian cathedral on the Mediterranean around the world to find the source of the woman’s voice, Ash is set to discover the truest meaning of gypsy magic.

But was he her soulmate—or a trick of the ritual?

Physicist Bailey Valo has always lived on the fine fringes where science and religion meet. Torn with grief over the disappearance of her twin sister and her own role in the possible death of her sister’s lover, she turns to a solution she might never have considered before. A spell. A ritual. A cry from her heart. And when a golden-eyed god of a man appears on her doorstep in the middle of nowhere, dreams and myth are about to become her reality.

Reviews and Other Information:

"Another excellent and great tale written by Ms Jones. The story will hold you spellbound with its touching love scenes and at times, poignant, heart felt hardships that these two will face."
The Romance Studio

"THE STONE'S RELEASE is Kerry A. Jones' book two of her Quinguard Immortals Series and her latest release. This is a fast-paced, page-turner that you won't want to put down. This book contains the vivid imagination and intriguing plot of a great contemporary paranormal romance story. In this book, Bailey is a woman, who in a moment of pure desperation casts a spell to right the wrong she feels that she has done to her sister. What she doesn't know is that she has awakened and freed Ash, an immortal Quinguard warrior from his prison of stone. Together they face an adventure of a lifetime, find and fight for a love that will stretch beyond time itself. Jones weaves a fascinating story with great complex intelligent characters and love beyond the bonds of imagination. I love how the plot twists and turns and how the romance just adds to the story. This book makes you want to read more, so you can understand the complexities that haunt the backstory of these immortals. Even though this is a stand alone book, the history with the secondary characters make you want to know what has happened before, so after you read this book you may want to read the first in this series, CAST IN STONE, just to fill in some of those gaps that you are dying to find answers to. This is a book as well as a series that I would recommend to anybody."
Night Owl Romance

"THE STONE'S RELEASE continues Ms. Jones' Quinguard series. This was a magical book, in all of the best ways. The romance is sweet and touching, the story is fantastic, and the characters are compelling.  Ash was a wonderful, loving alpha male and Bailey struck just the right notes as a woman determined to save those she loves in the face of the inexplicable. The plot was full of twists and turns and the outcome was heart-warming. It is always a thrill to discover a new author of this caliber and I will be going out immediately to find the other books that Ms. Jones has written. I highly recommend this book for all lovers of paranormal romance or fantasy!"
Manic Readers

"THE STONE'S RELEASE, the second book in Author Kerry A. Jones' Quinguard Immortal Series, is one of those "must reads" for all fans of the paranormal-fantasy genre. Fast paced from page one, it's a book that has it all: fated love, lust for immortality, soul mates, danger, uncertainties, magic, and sexy heroes to die for! The unique plot to this series is like none other in the paranormal genre today. Ms. Jones pulls the reader into the story, and hooks you through to the end. Laced with light humor that is placed in just the right places throughout, the story of Lord Stefan Ashworth (Ash) and Bailey Valo is fraught with danger and eternal love, making that combination an irresistible temptation for the reader to want more. If you haven't read Book #1 (Cast In Stone), be sure and do so; you won't regret it!
This series is sure to become "keepers" for fans of the genre, and have readers impatiently awaiting more books to come!"
Author Kari Thomas

"Jones creates a world of people, places and possibilities that can be endless, and the story lives where Bailey tells Ash that she likes to be on the fringe where science and spirituality meet. Each of the characters is multi-layered and feel real without endless repetitions of their fears and foibles. There is just the right chemistry between Ash and Bailey, and his curse creates an interesting twist to their love-making that stretches out their intimacy without turning the scenes into tantric gymnastics. The secondary characters also resonated with me and they each are their own person, wholly different from the others. By telling part of the story in the present and dipping into the 700 years of backstory, there will be a lot to explore in future novels. Jones has a clean, well-crafted style that flows seamlessly from dialogue to narration to description, and the action never lags. I really hate starting a series beyond the first book, but in a test of truly good writing, THE STONE'S RELEASE stands well on its own (but I'm definitely going to buy the first book, CAST IN STONE, to get caught up.) I love how she effortlessly combines the familiar with a fresh angle on immortality. Readers who enjoy Highlander-style stories will appreciate this as well as contemporary romance readers. I can't wait for the next book in this series."
Romance Reader at Heart

"I found THE STONE'S RELEASE a magnificent read. I love the part where Ash says he has murdered no axes. He has a certain charm and personality that made me want to summon him just to hear him speak. I could visualize the background of the ranch, along with the Oregon setting. I love the one-on-one dialogue between Ash and Bailey. It is like they almost finish each other’s sentences. This book was a joy to read, entertaining and well-written, leaving this reader wanting more. Kerry A. Jones spins delicious characters Ash and Bailey in this outstanding tale that this reader thoroughly enjoyed."
Coffee Time Romance

"Ms. Jones writes with such a lyrical touch, it is impossible not to fall in love with her characters. The various settings of the story, whether a coffee shop in Boston, a rustic ranch in Oregon, or a convent in Italy, are rich and sumptuous in detail. The characters, both major and minor, become so familiar that you will feel as though you’ve known them all your life. When Julen, Sofia, Zell, and Luc -- all central characters from CAST IN STONE reappear to help Ash and Bailey, I cheered. This story of soul mates, of the power of two people to find and rescue each other despite time and circumstance, is sure to win your heart. The connection this author creates between her hero and heroine is magical... If you haven’t yet discovered the Quinguard Immortals series, you’re missing out, whether you’re a fan of paranormal-fantasy romance or not. While THE STONE'S RELEASE can stand on its own, it’s worth it to start with the first in this series, CAST IN STONE . Then prepare yourself for a wonderful read that will sweep you away and remind you what true love is really all about. Bravo to Ms. Jones for another tremendous romance!"
Long & Short Reviews

"The attraction between Bailey and Stefan is passionate and intense. It crackles with electricity throughout the book... Together and with the help of characters from the first book in the series, CAST IN STONE , they will have to battle the evil that threatens not only Stefan, but Bailey as well. THE STONE'S RELEASE is book two of the Quinguard Immortals by author Kerry A. Jones. In this second book in this Quinguard series, Ms. Jones has raised the bar, showcasing more of her extraordinary writing talents, giving the readers a love story we all wish and dream of. A story we all can relate to in some way. You will feel an immediate connection with the characters, a connection that will last long after the story has ended and you have closed the book. THE STONE'S RELEASE is a paranormal love story that will touch your heart and make you believe in the miracles of love. This tale truly is a do-not-miss read and one this reviewer highly recommends."
Paranormal Romance Reviews (PNR)