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Author: Gerry Lekas 
ISBN: 978-1-934912-92-8
Price: $19.95 paperback
Pages: 230 paperback

Full color!

CHICAGO’S Hidden Sites of the Mysterious, Macabre, Ghostly & Glamorous

This isn’t your average travel book— and these aren’t your average tourist destinations!

Take a wild ride through hidden Windy City history—often dark, sometimes inexplicable, and occasionally glamorous. Meet the gangsters, ghosts, serial killers and celebrities that only Chicago could produce.

This journey into eclectic Chicago lore includes: 19 spine-tingling creepy sites (Resurrection Mary, Lonely Ghost of Lake Forest, St. Rita’s and so many more); all things Al Capone (seven notable Scarface sites and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre); other Outfit bigshot hangouts, graves and hit locations; Monsters of the Midway like Holmes, Gacy, Speck and more; murder and mayhem featuring 12 killers; and literally dozens of celebrity homes and hangouts from downtown to the suburbs and beyond!

Reviews and Other Information:

"...a must-have title for anyone visiting or living in or near Chicago. Through the pages of this book, learn about the Windy City’s ghost, gangster, and Hollywood history. You can map out a self-led tour for yourself—the guidebook includes specific addresses and descriptions to light the way."

-Forbes Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Travel Books to Inspire Wanderlust