romantic adventure


by Dana Lyons

Royce McNeill’s training has prepared him for much. He knows no power exists in the universe greater than love. But not even the cryptic warning from Master Chan is enough to steady him when the winds of karma come calling. A plane crash, a journey, a quest to see if his heart is strong enough to bring him back to Alex…


by Dana Lyons

Peterson has infiltrated one of the world’s most secret societies. Now they’re the ones to fear him—a threat that can’t be tolerated. From long-ago castles into the depths of Egypt, Peterson and his friends follow a prophecy encoded in his blood. Their discovery could bring about a renaissance of humanity—or call to action an ancient Brotherhood more terrifying even than the Illuminati.


by Ariana Wolvshire

My name is Ariana. I am heiress to the old religions, collector of history, gatherer of the Ancients. I wish I could say all magic and wisdom were mine again, but I’m human now and have been for a very long time …



by Dana Lyons

For centuries, the wealth of the St. Germain family has protected a secret so immense, so powerful, not even Solomon St. Germain himself knows the extent of it. Mercilessly tracked by a terrifying enemy, three allies must unite in an explosive chase through London streets, marble estates and underground bastions as their quest falters on the edge of disclosure—or destruction.