Contemporary Titles

by Victoria Ashe

Rock god John Leaven was usually the one up on a pedestal, but not this time. He didn’t know why— but in the deepest recesses of his once-black heart a calling for this woman had begun the moment he looked at her face. He simply knew. All the way in his soul. All the way through his blood and across every inch of skin. He was supposed to be with her. But sometimes life gets in the way.

by Reece Brett

Life doesn’t always follow an expected path. Caroline hadn’t known the house in New Jersey even existed until she inherited it. All she wanted was to learn its history and discover the truth of her own past. When the mystical “Larkin’s touch” means she’ll be running a bookstore instead, she finds herself with of some of the most interesting people she’s ever known — especially David.

by Frances DeleCourt Winters

Quirky Lorelei Bradley knows what lonely hearts craved—hers being the loneliest heart of all. When she arrives in town, no one is prepared for what she has in store. Luxurious and alluring to the point of being nearly magical, Lorelei’s confections lead her straight out of despair and into very her own bakery by the sea. The problem is, she’s a woman on the run.

by Rory Church

When a series of murders tainting the spirit of the tribal land throws Creek Nation healer Crystal Blackrock and Dr. Grant Sands together on a journey, they’re not only meant to solve the crime, but the mysteries of a love that seems predestined.

by Mary Vine

FBI agent Jacob Robie is on a search for a terrorist somewhere between Salisbury Junction and the Snake River. The old motel by the freeway is his best bet for a distraction-free central location, even if its owner is the one who got away. Someone around her is the person he’s hunting. To flush out the enemy, he’ll have to hide his identity—and his feelings—even if she’ll never trust him again

by Rory Church

A murder investigation in the Black Hills
is the tip of the iceberg …
When a truck crashes into the emergency room, nurse Tracy Aspen looks from the eyes of her former flame, ranger-turned-rancher Jake, Moran, to the body of his murdered neighbor. Little does she know the moment will become, quite literally, the final calm before the storm..

by Jillian Dagg

They were magic in front of the camera,
but behind the scenes? That’s where the real story began.
As excitement and suspense grow with each on-air story, Nick and Serena find that the depth they create behind-the-scenes surpasses even the sizzle they ignite in front of the camera.

by Frances DeleCourt Winters

In the sleepy seaside town of Cobweb Corners, Keighley Woodson tells fortunes from her grandparents’ old Victorian home. Hidden inside the safety of her lush tea garden, stone paths, paintings, and the love of everyone who knows her, she has everything she needs—except a forever romance to call her own.

*Also available as an audio book at Audible, Amazon and iTunes*

by Margaret P. Cunningham

As a sought-after interior designer, the color has gone out of Stella’s life. After heading home to the South, Stella dives into a pile of business ventures and hits the road with her quirky friends. Then there’s the thing about a maybe-murder and a voodoo nanny that’s enough to spin her head. Too bad Stella’s slightly mysterious neighbor Sam Poole doesn’t take a shine to her, not at first anyway.

by Jillian Dagg

Singer-songwriter and successful restaurant owner Katy Kerr has aspirations of making it big, and dreams of finding the perfect man. But after caring for her dying mother, she realizes both her career and dreams have slipped off the radar. Maybe for good. Then she meets music industry mogul Adam Stevenson - maker and breaker of dreams ...

by Kimberly Adkins

Simon’s visions of a little girl are the only memories he has. Like an imprint on his heart, the visions cling. Who is she? Who is he for that matter? Tracked and hunted across the world, and in possession of a dangerouse device, he never meant to drag Tess into his drama. But with one slow, seductive dance in a candlelit nightclub, that’s exactly what he’s done.

by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Tormented by her fiancé’s death, Tess Johansen escapes to the only place that can still comfort her—the Spinnaker Inn in coastal Maine. For local craftsman, Evan Marston, the ramshackle inn serves only as a grim reminder of the accident that shattered his life. But while the Spinnaker’s walls may hold guilt and grief and suspicion, they might also house a bright new spark.

by Linda Kage

Motivational speaker and drug rehab counselor Ward Gemmell can hold an audience in the palm of his hand—because he knows what it’s like to have everything he loved slip through his fingers. When a particularly heartfelt speech reunites him with the daughter he never knew he had, suddenly the love of his life is back within his grasp. What could a guy like him do to earn a second chance?

by Victoria Ashe

Alexandra is pretty much alone in the world— except for her matchmaking boss and contrary friend, Mary. After a “Date with the Living Dead” & a brush with executive espionage, she’s focused on climbing the corporate ladder. Romance just isn’t worth the effort. Then enigmatic playboy Scott Falconer comes along in cowboy boots & a tuxedo to cut the rungs out from under her.

by Victoria Bastedo

When Therese was ten, she would have drowned had it not been for Miklos, the handsome Greek boy who dove from his boat to save her life. Now grown and with years of letter-writing between them, she needs him again. Recovering from an illness, Therese is advised to leave the Pacific Northwest rain behind, and return to the Grecian sun and the sea—and Miklos.

by Margaret P. Cunningham

A Bermuda love triangle has just formed on the Gulf Coast. Charlotte “Charlie” Turner should know by now that ghosts of the oddest sorts always show up in her paintings—and in her quirky southern coastal town. Two things are certain: Harry has some confusion to clear up and more than a few mistakes to unmake—if he wants a ghost of a chance at love.

by Lisa Phillips

Julian Montgomery is a shiftless gambler crisscrossing the country in pursuit of poker games and cocktail waitresses. Or so the rest of the world believes. In truth, he’s a special agent for the FBI, moving from one assignment to the next. When a murderer surfaces in his small southern hometown, Julian’s assignment is to protect the one woman who is far from happy he's back.

by Marie-Pierre Maingon

Honolulu boat owner Mac Robbins has no trouble at all believing in magic, and is hardly surprised when gorgeous Amelia stumbles into his life. The attraction between them sparks dangerously, but Amelia’s even more dangerous pursuit of a stolen book and her crazy ex might sink their romance before it has a chance to sail.


From foster child to police officer, Chase has traveled a long road back to Sunset Cove, carrying with him the kind of news he knows will make Lacy hate him. Despite her icy exterior, he’s drawn to her in a way he never expected—a way that makes him dream of new beginnings, of pasts forgiven … of love on the lake. (See the first book in this series, SHADOW LAKE!)

by Lisa J. Lickel and Shellie Neumeier

One magical summer in Oakville, Wisconsin, love finds its way through four entwined lives. Tessa, Lindsay, Art and Andy have had their shares of secrets, losses and challenges. This summer, things are about to change. Centered around the family farm and a fight with an obnoxious developer, love, hope, joy and faith are about to return to Oakville.

by Linda Kage

Photographer Drew Harper's sister is convinced of one thing: the resident of 410 South Elm Street is her husband's mistress. The cheater had sent roses there after all. When Drew helps with a little reconnaissance at that address, he meets Mia - who doesn't seem the mistress type at all. In fact, she seems like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman...

by Victoria Ashe

Hayely Black wasn't looking for trouble, which is why she ran smack into it... Now stuck in a dead-end job and indebted to Nevada's most eligible bachelor, she agrees to an arrangement she never would have considered before.

*Also available as an audio book at Audible, Amazon and iTunes*

by Margaret P. Cunningham

When True Cowley’s golf-obsessed husband drops dead and his duplicity comes to light, she’s left financially drained. Now back in her southern coastal birthplace, she's immersed in the riddle of its shadowy secrets. Aided by her mysterious, handsome new landlord, the two find there’s a lot more to their relationship than partners-in-crime-solving.

by Lisa Lewis

A normal life? Bethany Miller has no idea what that is, but she wants it. Then she meets a gorgeous brown-eyed man as far from “normal” as she can imagine. Teetering on the edge of stardom, Tom Crowley feels his music is the priority. So why is his attention on Beth? Can’t a love life coexist with a life on the road?

by Lisa J. Lickel

After seven years with no clue as to the whereabouts of Ann Ballard’s missing husband, nearly everyone presumes him dead. Now forty-something, Ann is ready for her stagnant life to flow again. Then Mark Roth, a dark-haired younger man from her past, shows up on her doorstep offering a river of hope in place of tears.

by Mary Vine

Russian beauty Ulianna is determined to make the American dream hers. When a magazine offers the perfect story to launch her writing career, she travels across Oregon to see how wolf and cowboy mix. As she finds her spirit guide in the wolf and her soul mate in handsome cattle rancher Jackson Holt, a mysterious danger seems bent on finding her.

by Angela Steed

When undercover police officer Shane Hawke is sent to infiltrate one of the world’s most cutthroat international crime rings, he finds more than he bargained for. While the woman chosen to be the crime lord’s personal body guard is in far over her head, Shane might also be in over his head … over her.

by M. Jean Pike

Emma Beckman is trying to pick up the threads of her unraveled life. Recently widowed, she ventures into Shadow Lake for the prospect of tranquility and a new summer job. Her new boss is a prospect all his own—a magical, beautiful prospect … of love on the lake. (See the second book in this series, WHISPERS IN AUTUMN!)

by Maggie Grey

Divorce. Dead-end career. Disaster. Then fate steps in and changes Jesse’s life in an instant, she moves to the mountain splendor of Montana with her young daughter. Far from city life, her plans to start her own riding school start to take shape— with the help of a certain cowboy down the road.

by Reece Brett

Escaping her past was the start of - everything. For the first time in her life, Marlo Saunders is face to face with tranquility … and desire. Now, the man she wants most is the one man she can least risk having at her side.


by Shari Thayn

Love. Chocolate. And a little amnesia. Is taking advantage of beautiful, unpredicable Zoe's car accident a dirty trick ... or an absolute necessity? Either way, Martin O'Neil just might be the one in for a dangerously sweet surprise.

by Shannon Dauphin

Caught together in a South Carolina plantation house by a hurricane, college student Amanda Whitmore and forty-year-old Jordan Eversole fight the winds and their growing love for one another, caught by a storm that seems destined to push them together … no matter the cost.

by Margaret P. Cunningham

A stunning older woman. A mysterious younger man. A garden of infinite possibilities. When Lily McVay needs help keeping the terms of a rather unorthodox divorce settlement, the bond between her and handsome Will may prove that more is blooming than just the flowers.

1080 KISS
by Angela Steed

Professional snowboarder Vince Evans, "The God of Snow," has met his match in public relations extraordinaire Morgan Price. But will she break the rules of business for this black haired, green eyed bad-boy-turned-good?

by Mary Vine

Love and Gold. Passion and Mystery. As a pattern of crime around Maya Valentine and the newfound gold on her property leads to mystery, her relationship with famous suspense novelist Stanton Black turns to thoughts of romance. A romance too impossible to consider.