Elizabeth Campbell Huntsman

Elizabeth Campbell Huntsman is a wife and mother of over a dozen children - biological, adopted and foster. She and her husband, David, live in eastern Oregon where she's been known to drive a potato truck at harvest... just for fun.

Elizabeth is an avid volunteer with a special place in her heart for child advocacy. She holds a seat on the Citizen Review Board for the Oregon Judicial Department, which oversees the care received by her county's foster children. She currently provides grief counseling with groups at the local prison and in the community. Elizabeth says she thought the worst grief she'd ever know was losing her mother at a young age. "I was wrong," she writes. Elizabeth and David lost their 17-year-old son, Rick, in a car accident many years ago. Her workbook is dedicated to him.

Look for her nonfiction workbook, THE FINE ART OF BEING VERTICAL: SURVIVING THE LOSS OF A CHILD, here now.