Ryshia kennie

"In the inevitable search for love, there are many land mines but dodging them is half the fun and that’s the secret of my stories," says Canadian author, Ryshia Kennie. In her travels there have been many unexpected and amazing things, and the memories of those are only the beginning of her fictional adventures.  From earthquakes in Hawaii to being chased by enraged water carriers in Morocco to deep sea fishing trip gone slightly askew in Venezuela - it all happened.

Ryshia's first Black Lyon historical, FROM THE DUST, is the touching story of man and woman in a time of toil and desperation during the summer of 1935 in the Qu'Appelle District, Saskatchewan. Her writing takes a different, fantastical turn in her paranormal, RING OF DESIRE, which is available here now.

NEW! Look for THE TEARS WE NEVER CRIED here in December.