lyonettes (novellas)

By Lisa Lewis

Contemporary Romance Novella
ebook: $2.95

10 … 9 … 8 … 7
A stranger’s kiss in the middle of Times Square just sent Natalie’s world spinning. When her mystery man fades into the crowd, she knows it’s time to start a new life—one she’s denied needing for far too long.

6 … 5 … 4
When Reece’s wife passed away, he thought he’d never feel that special spark of love again. His two little girls are his reason for being. But sometimes—just sometimes—he dreams of more.

3 … 2 …
Neither of them can forget the fireworks in that kiss. As fate steps in to bring them back together, maybe their midnight mix-up could become a New Year’s miracle.

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by Rory Church

ebook: $2.95
Also in print for $7.95!
Contemporary Romance Novella

Special Forces operative Morgan Raush rarely speaks to the handsome, blue-eyed Russian agent, Dmitry Rurik, about anything except military business if she can help it. They’ve formed an uneasy alliance during their joint mission in remote Uzbekistan. But now, through a twist of fate, the two must depend on one another to survive rugged mountains, blizzards and enemy attacks.

In the midst of icy nights and glowing fires, Morgan
discovers Dmitry is much more than she’d first thought—
a man torn between two ideologies, a man driven by faith and family. Then again, maybe the spy is only telling her what he wants her to believe? Morgan has only five days left to sort out the conflict in her heart, and only five days left … to make it home by Christmas.

"What a mix of the unexpected - especially for a Christmas story: a headlong life-or-death race to the holiday finish line, a couple with a Russian/American divide of suspicion gaping between them, thrown into an uneasy but increasingly irresistible alliance.  All you want is for it to bring them back alive, and weld them together forever. The glimpses of deep faith that many Russians maintained despite decades of Soviet oppression lends added dimension to this story and its hero, at Christmas, and in any season."
-Author Phyllis Edgerly Ring

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By Angela Steed

ebook: $2.95
Also in print for $10.95!
Paranormal Romance Novella

On the day the zombie virus ravaged the world, soldier Kira Spence was involved in a car crash - an accident she doesn't even remember. Now locked with a group of survivors behind the walls of a military compound, a handsome soldier named Sam steals her heart. But what is the connection between Sam, Kira's accident and rumors of super-soldiers with powers that can overcome the zombies? When Sam flies Kira from the compound into the center of his secret, Kira finally has the chance to find answers ... along with the love of a lifetime.

" is very refreshing to read a romance novel with such an unusual and unique premise... outside of the box, sexy and smart." -Author Kimberly Adkins

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By Keith Salisbury

ebook: $2.95
Also in print for $5.95
Contemporary Novella

When Devlin Walker decides to make some Christmas magic for his friend Nadine and her little girl, he winds up receiving something magical himself: the kind of family Christmas he's never had. Now beneath holiday lights and mistletoe, friendship has the chance to turn to love.

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By Naomi Dawn Musch

ebook: $2.95
Contemporary Inspirational Novella

High school English teacher Sean Heart has almost let his faith slip away. Haunted by a lapse in judgment from his past as well as his mentor's betrayal, doubt has set in. Then he meets Jordyn Delaney. A beautiful, talented landscaper, Jordyn has been hired to improve the Heart family property, but soon discovers a renovation of the heart and spirit might be the most complicated job of all.

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By Virginia Dalton

ebook: $2.95
Historical Romance Novella

Desperately in love, Lucia Ashton and Lord Edgar Ravenswood, better known as the Fox, come from opposite sides of the war surrounding the lands of Lammermoor.  As Lucia's vengeful brother hunts the Fox and arranges the unhappiest of marriages for Lucia, a love that can't be denied is blossoming - a love that might prove both tragic and eternal.