Paranormal romance


by Carly Huss

Freya Darling is in love with love—which is kind of perfect because she’s a Cupid. When a lucky couple is assigned to her and bond their love irrevocably, her job is done. In a moment of weakness, Freya steals her own Fated card from Cupid’s vault—and the name on the card is the last one she wants to see. So what if fellow Cupid Rupert Lovett claims to be in love with her. So what if the human she has her eye on isn’t meant for her at all. What could possibly go wrong?

(Paranormal RomCom)


by Elizabeth Brockie

James Lauren’s bloodline has made him one of the most feared slayers in history. He's the perfect assassin to wipe out the most powerful vampyre of them all—even if it means risking his own soul. Yet on a train in the middle of nowhere, a renegade blue-eyed vampiress lands him inside a battle between Old Realm and New Royals—and between his heart and everything he ever knew as a slayer.

by Dana Lyons

The return of an old love. Two men from the past. Deceit. Archeologist Phoenix Donovan scoffs at the mysterious warnings given to her by a psychic during a tarot card reading. But when she receives an envelope marked with the Feather of Maat and a visit from an Egyptian national, Phoenix accepts the job of a lifetime at a site outside Egypt —and the words of the psychic begin to ring true.

by Elizabeth Brockie

Henri De LaCroix is rare among his kind. A vampyre and Royal for centuries, even rarer is the sight of a mortal who can stir his cold heart. But violet-eyed mystic Liora Anjanette Carter has done just that. Now Henri must choose whether to break vampyre law and save her life one fateful night—or let her forever slip away.

by Kimberly Adkins

Leader of a prominent wolf-shifter clan, Jackson was thrust into power under the most mysterious of circumstances. His rule tenuous, he can’t risk revealing family secrets to a beautiful stranger. He can’t remember a time when he’d lost control of his desires—the only thing more deadly would be losing control of his clan to the enemy Dark Breed.

by Kari Thomas

Briana Adair is a witch with a glitch. Whenever Briana’s emotions kick in, her spells fizzle out. Entrusted with a magical sphere containing the Tree of Life, she can’t risk letting her feelings run amok. Now an evil force is putting her guardianship to the test—and Hunter Dallas, the one man who can help, brings enough sizzle to cause an awful lot of fizzle.

(Paranormal RomCom)


by M. Jean Pike

After a murder investigation, Paranormal Studies expert Dove Denning seeks the tranquility of Shadow Lake to ease her spirit—but the spirits that whisper to her aren’t so at ease. She meets Dusty, a man who has come from dark places in search of peace. Together, they find the power of redemption, of safety from a growing danger … of love on the lake. Also in the series: SHADOW LAKE!


by Ryshia Kennie

In the medieval land of Hafne, a curse has swept through the land leaving it barren. Chosen One, Vala watches for signs of the prophecy and with it, the owner of a ring who is destined to fight by her side and drive away the darkness. The newly arrived Norman enemy is an unnecessary complication in Hafne—and in beautiful Vala’s heart.


by Kari Thomas

Jaguar Shifter Lyon Savage must choose the love of his Truemate—or accept the decree to save his Pride and secure his future. Strong and selfless, Kitlene is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of family, and offers herself to the Alpha Cat whose very presence pulls at her soul—and whose love brings with it a deadly complication.

by Angela Steed

During a museum excursion, a controversial relic is pulled from the ocean depths containing a mystery to which Katherine is inexplicably joined. Born of the old gods, punished and locked away, Derrick has crossed seas of time to find Katherine, until an unthinkable decision threatens everything.


by Kimberly Adkins

On a sultry New Orleans evening, Jasmine follows a handful of clues to a place she’d thought only existed in dreams and ancient faery tales. Through a doorway in time, Hayden is bound by royal blood to save his dying kingdom. He soon finds his quest, his destiny, and his love are all entwined with Jasmine more than anyone ever knew.


by Kari Thomas

Wolf shifter Damian is calling in a life-debt, and with it, his natural enemy, Cat shifter Logan Cross, has just become entrusted with retrieving his prophesied mate. Half-goddess Tara Stuart would run far and fast before letting primal, seductive Logan Cross deliver her to a complete stranger. Her destiny lies elsewhere, maybe even with Logan.

by Dana Lyons

She was Aydyn. Powerful. Beautiful. Druae. Living long ago and bound by sacred duty to see through a prophecy that could mean the end of her people. On an unexplored hill near Stonehenge, lone wolf archeologist Eric Beck is about to unleash a destiny and a love written in the stars.

by M. Jean Pike

Deep in a box of used books, counselor Tory Sasser comes across a novel without an ending: Heatherfield. She reads the story of scarred war veteran, Jake Benjamin, a fictional character in a fictional town. Or is he? Tory is desperate to find her way back home to reality. Yet what is more real than true love? No, Heatherfield isn’t all it seems ... not at all.

by Kimberly Adkins

Solaus had but one wish of the medallion: to save his dying bride. But not even the pendant's dark betrayal can keep him from a love destined to be his. From Ancient Persia to exotic modern-day Alexandria, Egypt, Kaitlin has found him - just as Fate and the shadowy underworld of artifact smuggling threaten to tear them apart again.